Launch of the CHC Training Institute of North America, September 2018

Rowland Global and Joint Venture Partners Nicholas Hall & Co. and xPotential launched an inaugural series of workshops focused on the hottest topics currently in the CHC industry. Day One addressed “Winning in Consumer Healthcare 2025” by going “under the skin” of future consumers with practical tools and techniques that can be applied to existing business. Day Two featured “Windows on the World” as an aid in the preparations for the potential changes in the North American market. After a general review and the practical “how to” of growing a global business, a deeper dive into the US’s two closest markets, Canada and Mexico, was presented by executives from those countries. This was followed by a look at “What If’ examining a different market structure that allows for Pharmacists to prescribe a range of Rx products focusing on the UK experience.  And lastly, participants learned what the Innovation Pipeline looks like outside the US by reviewing global New Product Development.

CHC Launch Sept '18 (2).jpg
Edward Rowland